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Complete Guide in Wearing Socks

Socks are a piece of our clothing that does not get too much attention.   But socks are essential for our overall comfort.  They protect the sole of our feet against the abrasive materials of shoes, and they absorb the moisture caused by sweat.  They are the tiny details that can make our overall look unsightly or attractive.  To make sure that you are spending your money on the right pair of socks, here are some of our recommendations.

Rules in Wearing Socks

When you are wearing socks, wearing matched socks that have no stains and holes may sound pretty obvious.  Some people may think that if you just keep your shoes on, there is no way that other people will notice the holes in your socks.  But this may result to an embarrassing situation if there is an unexpected event that compels you to remove your shoes.  Aside from that, here are the other rules when wearing socks.

Wearing Socks That Matched with Your Trouser

There is no way you can go wrong if your trouser and your socks have a matching color.  It creates that streamline look since it does not have any contrast in color.  However, men who want to express their own style may also break this ruling.  They can use lively colors and patterned socks that the organized dressers will normally avoid.  But make sure that the color of the socks will still complement the tone of your trouser.  The colors should be coordinated from your neckwear up to your shoes.

Knee Length vs. Ankle Length

Wearing a knee length socks is based on the old rule that the gentleman will never reveal his leg.  This may sound a bit outdated, but some people are still abiding on this traditional rule.  Generally, this type of rule is not followed by the manufacturers.  Most of them does not create a sock that will reach up to the knee.  Since the extra material will cost 25% more, they are trying to maintain the length of their socks.    Knee length is generally more expensive compared to the ankle length socks.

Matching Your Socks with the Other Details of Your Clothes

In the event that you are wearing black tie, the lightweight and quality pair of socks that are knee-high will give you a sleek appearance.  If you are wearing a grey trouser and sport jackets, wool and heavy socks will complete your overall look.  Dark socks will complement the leather footwear and t-shirt.  White socks will perfectly fit your gym clothes.

Choosing the Fiber

Socks are made from different materials; cashmere and silk, cotton and wool are just some of them.  Wool is the traditional materials used in manufacturing socks, but this type of socks is hard to find today.  Cotton is now the most common materials, they are durable, and they are inexpensive.  It also conforms to the shape of our fit which provides that perfect fit.  Cashmere and silk are luxury materials, and they are commonly paired with our dress shoes. 

Socks are not essentially the first piece of clothing that we pay attention to, but they are a significant part of our clothing.  They are also designed to keep our feet comfortable and nice.

Socks Buying and Wearing

Socks enhance the comfort of your feet in the shoes. When you wear socks, the sweat on your feet and toes is going to be absorbed by the socks thereby reducing bad odor from the inner side of the shoes. Although people think that all socks have the same impact and efficiency when worn, different socks tend to have different feeling and efficiency on the foot. The kind of activities you do also determines the kind socks you should wear.

Socks for Hiking or Extraneous Exercises

When you are buying socks for hiking, you should look at the socks that have dense fibers which will prevent your feet from abrasive forces. This is because when the fiber is not that dense, it is going to make your toes prone to injury. Always look at factors like warmth, durability, ventilation and drying speed of the socks if you want to ensure that you get the best socks for your activity. Socks for hiking should be able to keep your feet dry always to avoid creating inconvenience in your feet. Due to the fact that you will be in the wilderness, the socks should always be dry.

Socks Made from Natural Fibers Are Always Nice

People prefer Socks that are made of cotton; in fact, many of the socks that you see on the shops are made from cotton. Cotton is smooth and last long, but it has a drawback of keeping warmth for long. Such socks may create inconvenience in your feet by retaining moisture. Natural fibers are the ones that can absorb your sweat, dry faster and give you maximum comfort always. The wool is the appropriate fiber that should be used in the manufacturing of socks because it is very porous and soft thereby making you attain a perfect level of comfort.

Buy the Perfect Size and Type

There are toe-designed stocks and normal socks that people wear. For hiking and vigorous activities, you need to buy the toe-designed socks because they make you feel comfortable and they also enhance the gripping force of your toes are well. Since the toes are separated, even the warmth is normally reduced thereby enhancing your comfort always. If you are going for official duties like office work or normal walking, the normal designed socks can do well for you. Polyester socks are the best because they keep your feet always ventilated.  Choosing the size of the perfect sock is always good because it enhances your feet comfort. 

Wearing Layers

Some people like wearing several pairs of socks; you need to ensure that you wear thin socks so that you don’t reduce the size of your shoes. Multiple socks are good when you wear them with boots. Using synthetic socks and boots is not allowed therefore you should wear only cotton socks with boots.

To conclude, you must always ensure that you wear the best kind of socks for enhanced comfort. When you are going to do vigorous activities, choose the socks that will enhance aeration.