8 Great Life Hacks on the Different Uses of Socks

Every person loves his old, fluffy socks, especially during the cold, winter months. Hundreds of images are posted from users online with a cup of hot cocoa, a warm blanket and a pair of funny shocks. However, did you know that apart from wearing your shocks, there are many other ways in which you can use them in your everyday life? Say goodbye to all these mismatched old shocks that you no longer wear, and put them to good use. Make room to your drawer for your new shocks and use the old ones to solve some usual, everyday problems.

Protect and Store Golf Gear

Shocks can be a great way to protect the heads of your golf clubs. This way you cannot scratch them during their transport. Keep a few shocks to store some tennis or golf balls in your closet.

Move Your Things With Safety

If you want to move to a new house, there is a great chance to end up breaking a few of your favorite things. Use shocks to stuff the gaps between fragile items, or even store the little ones inside your old [but clean] shocks.

Protect Your Shoes

Especially leather shoes can be damaged if you try to store them for a while or even transfer them. Slip each shoe into a shock and help them retain their newish appearance for a longer period.

Create Potpourri

If you want to make your clothes smell nice, fill some sock with moth balls and hang it in your closet. This way you will have some great scents in your closet and in your clothes.

Keep The Game Pieces

If you find it difficult to locate the game pieces of every game you have, then you should consider placing the game pieces inside a sock and tie up the other end. They will be safely stored in there forever.

Protect Your Cabinet

Bottles with oil and vinegar often make a mess in the cupboard. Use a sock at the bottom of every bottle and prevent such mess in the future. The shock will absorb any oil stain from ever reaching the bottom.

Prevent the Fog in the Car Windows

Another great life hack, Stuff a shock with cat litters and then places it anywhere in your car, ideally near the windshield. The shock along with the cat litter will absorb the moisture and prevent your car windows from fogging.

Keep your Furniture in Good Shape

Place some shocks on the bottom of your wooden chairs or at your table chairs in order to keep them from scratching. Especially if you are planning on moving, the shocks will help you move your furniture with safety without risking damaging them along the way and ACLS pretest

Shocks can be used in many different ways. Allow your imagination to think of more way that you can use your old shocks so that you won’t have to throw them away.